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In 2001 the OXYMAX brand was created after years of research into stabilised oxygen water and the benefits. Inspired by the increase in processed food, poor air quality from carbon emissions and the use of toxic chemicals in everyday life, and a passion for health and wellbeing. Experienced in raw vegan food, detox programmes and water crystal studies based on Japanese scientist and author Masaru Emoto, we have over 30 years experience in health and wellbeing.

A property was acquired for the water and air quality and is nestled high on the mountain in the Yarra Valley.  The highly energised and filtered water is used in the stabilisation process for OXYGEN BOOSTER WATER.


I Started taking just a capful of OXYMAX per dayin Autumn this year. I have not been ill at all during winter, even during some stressful personal issues and when many of my office colleagues have been sick with a variety of illnesses. I believe OXYMAX has greatly boosted my immune system.

K. Bilston