OXYMAX a way of life internally and externally.


Just like each cell in our body, our skin cells need oxygen to function properly.

Stabilised Oxygen is one of nature’s most effective disinfectants, it is essential in killing bacteria which in turn powers up the skin cells, promoting collagen & elastin production and helping to renew, tighten, plump and strengthen the skin.
As we age and are subject to environmental influences, oxygen is sapped from our skin as oxygen-providing capillaries are destroyed resulting in fine lines and wrinkles, dry skin, blemishes, blackheads and other problematic skin conditions.

How does OXYMAX technology work in a nutshell?

Most believed it was impossible to stabilize active oxygen in a cream because it is very volatile: each oxygen atom strives to join another one to form O2. However, when the cream comes into contact with the skin, the catalase enzyme on the skin destroys these barriers to free the atoms.

The oxygen atoms join to create O2 molecules, which creates a mini explosion and release H2O (water). The resulting pressure propels the oxygen, water and other active ingredients, directly into the epidermis, where it is needed to optimize the skins function and the results are a powerful delivery system which may provide plumping, re-hydration, younger looking skin and by incorporating OXYMAX Bioavailable Oxygen Concentrate orally this may enhance your overall wellbeing internally and externally.


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