Zana Pali from MKR (My Kitchen Rules) talks about her skincare regime – OXYMAX



Skincare is very important and using the right one for your skin is crucial, Zana uses OXYMAX skincare in her daily regime.

Pali says: I am not a big fan of botox, chemicals or caking on make-up to hide your face. I mean, sure when a make-up artist dolls you up for a TV show, runway or a special event you go with it; but when I wake up every morning I am more concerned about how my skin feels than what it is going to look like at work. Skincare is very important which is why I think it is strange that many women are happy spending hundreds of dollars on make-up but then use a $5.00 moisturiser?

I am always keen to care for my skin no matter the cost so I was excited to try the new products from Oxymax. They are an Australian owned company based in Melbourne that have actually been around since 2001. Believe it or not, oxygen plays a massive role in our skin; we don’t just breathe the stuff, but our skin does too! Our lungs carry molecular oxygen into the bloodstream straight to the cells and tissues of the body which purifies, oxidises and rids the blood of toxins. Have you noticed how a holiday out by the seaside with fresh ocean breezes can help clear up your skin and make you more relaxed? Now contrast that to the pressurised oxygen in an airplane cabin that makes your face dry and skin itchy after just 2 hours in the air! Unfortunately for me, I work in an office with air-conditioning non stop (although I am considering setting up office on a remote island somewhere).

There is a science behind it all! Oxygen calms the nervous system, strengthens the immune system, relieves mental fatigue (just ask my husband, he knows I need the extra oxygen) and even helps respiratory conditions like asthma. The natural skincare products available from Oxymax are derived from natural sources, without harsh chemicals, fragrances or colours and they are all fortified with stabilised oxygen which penetrates deep into the skin to hydrate and promote collagen production. Their moisturiser was so gentle yet so nourishing, my skin felt like I had just stepped out of a day spa!

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