What is OXYMAX?

A very high level of bioavailable oxygen, the ultimate high quality stabilised oxygen. A solution of ionically activated water and Himalayan Crystal Salt containing 84 trace minerals. Inspired by the increase in processed food, poor air quality from carbon emissions, and toxic chemicals being used in everyday life, OXYMAX provides a highly energised, stabilised oxygen solution to enhance health and wellbeing. Add 5-10 mls per day to a glass of orange juice or smoothie. You can even use the photo of the juice from our company presentation.

Mount View Estate Retreat, the home to OXYMAX, is nestled high on the mountain in the picturesque Yarra Valley, Victoria, a region known for its serenity and purity of water. www.mountviewestate.com.au


A glass of water may contain 10-20 PPM/O2. Adding 5 Ml OF OXYMAX Concentrate to your glass of water will contain approx. 2,000 PPM/O2

OXYMAX Wellness Range

Our OXYMAX Wellness Range is an Australian made collection of eight skincare products and an oral liquid concentrate to help eliminate toxins and enhance the uptake of vitamins and minerals. This range is unique in the market offering luxury skincare products fortified with stabilised oxygen to increase radiance and enhance complexion.

Unique Difference

  • Stabilised Oxygen helps penetrate deep into the skin cells to hydrate & promote collagen production
  • Targets anti-aging and contains vitamins & strong antioxidants
  • Nourishes your skin, leaving you looking & feeling younger, restoring moisture and promoting supple skin.


The OXYMAX team will work with you to support our brand in your distribution network. We are a passionate company committed to research, development and building the OXYMAX brand. We will provide training, marketing and ongoing support.

  • In-store promoters
  • Staff training
  • Promotional material & merchandise support
  • Marketing calendar support

Our company name and logo is trademarked in Australia and internationally, and all our products contain a barcode, batch number and 36 month shelf life.

We carry the Australian Made logo.

OXYMAX Benefits

The dissolved oxygen in the water is absorbed through our digestive system and provides:

  • Ability to boost your energy and stamina levels.
  • Mental clarity, to think more clearly free of brain fog?
  • Enhance your metabolism and uptake of nutrients.
  • Help eliminate toxins.
  • May strengthen immunity and improve digestion.
  • To assist with recovery after strenuous exercise.
  • Shorten recovery time from fatigue.
  • Enhance your body’s ability to fight bacteria, viruses, etc.

Further Information About OXYMAX

  • It does not contain Hyrdogen Peroxide or Chlorine.
  • Stabilised  oxygen is created through a special proprietary electrolytic process.
  • The process frees the hydrogen gas and the oxygen molecules are stabalised in an electrolyte solution.