Andi Lew talks how she incorporates OXYMAX into her daily routine


Andi Talks how she incorporates OXYMAX in her daily routine and how she has aged naturally …..



Andi Lew: Rule # 2: Eliminate toxicity in food. Eat as close to nature as possible and organic where possible. Include minerals and anti-oxidants in super foods. I love using a capful a day of Oxymax which is 84 trace minerals in ionically activated water.




A very high level of bioavailable oxygen, the ultimate high quality stabilised oxygen. A solution of ionically activated water and Australian Crystal Salt containing 84 trace minerals. Inspired by the increase in processed food, poor air quality from carbon emissions, and toxic chemicals being used in everyday life, OXYMAX provides a highly energised, stabilised oxygen solution to enhance health and wellbeing. Add 5-10 mls per day to a glass of orange juice or smoothie.